The DROMe ADV campaign for Spring Summer 2019 portrays an enigmatic urban mermaid caught between her contradictions and secrets, a mysterious woman with an impenetrable attitude and an unconventional personality.

Creative director Marianna Rosati again chose to work with an emerging talent, photographer Danielle Neu, who shot the campaign in Los Angeles with art director Jamie Reid and stylist Emma Wyman.

Soft tones and a subtle atmosphere contrast the abandoned setting, a dissonance that reflects the ambivalent soul of the woman who is at the centre, fragile and daring, delicate and fearless.
An understated sensuality that can be only perceived, hidden underneath her polished look.

Natural soft light warms and adds a glowing ambience with a sense of freshness and spontaneity.
Each image evokes an indefinite feel, finding its meaning through the imperfections that it shows, the unfiltered characteristics of the protagonist.

Photographer: Danielle Neu
Stylist: Emma Wyman
Artistic Director: Marianna Rosati