DROMe as a dream.
DROMe as a journey.

FACTORY is a young and dynamic new company set up by the designers behind the Santacroce brand. The company works together like a family where each member’s passion and creativity is encouraged to contribute to the final product. The partners are using all their considerable experience to guarantee a very high quality of finish and materials, as well as customer service that is second to none.

FACTORY is also where DROMe was conceived, planned and finally realised. At the heart of the plan for DROMe is leather – a living, natural material that DROMe work with in a totally original way.

DROMe’s designs are a long way from the traditional classic leather jacket, and embrace the style of modern sports bike riders, combining a biker-rock style with exciting new ways of treating and finishing the material.

The designs are full of soft, natural colours. Shades and tones melt into subtle hazes mimicking the delicate light of dusks, dawns and twilights. The end result is a look that, for all the attention to detail and high quality, clings to simplicity.

DROMe is a metropolitan collection, for both day and evening. The use of the garments is cross-sectional: easy to wear but at the same time, extremely elegant and luxurious.

DROMe is not only a product but also the search for a personal and unmistakable taste born from a poetic vision of leather and a zealous passion for this material.